Splat Web Interface

Special Note

The W5GFE Splat! site is seeking a new home. Through the courtesy of East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma this site has logged more than 23000 plots in the last five year, but it will soon be time to seek a new host in order to continue the service. The requirements for the site are: Please contact w5gfe at arrl dot net if you are interested. Multiple sites can be accommodated!

Splat! is a program which utilizes terrain data (from Space Shuttle missions) to create plots for determining coverage areas provided by various antenna configurations, or to analyze the radio path between two locations. Splat! is of particular interest to the Amateur Radio Community. This web page provides a web interface to the splat! program.
Should one of the sites prove to be more busy than is convenient, then you are invited to use the other site. Note that running several plots at the same time on the same server will probably slow that server down to the point that none of the plots complete properly. All sites provide the same interface to Splat!
The East Central University Sites are administered by:

Dr. Bill Walker W5GFE
Adolph Linscheid Professor Emeritus
Department of Mathematics/Computer Science
Ada, Oklahoma
Please choose one of the sites
73 de Bill W5GFE, w5gfe at arrl dot net
w5gfe at arrl dot net
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